Machina Shop is a powerful, friendly and secure e-commerce platform, developed by Cog Graphics.
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Machina Shop

For more beautiful online shops

Powerful core

Take no chances with your business

Machina has been developed from scratch with one purpose in mind - to power the best online shops. This is how we believe software must be developed - complex, but not complicated, agile and responsive,,easy to upgrade and adapt to the unique needs of our clients.

Beautiful interface

Good design makes a product useful

Every e-commerce owner must be focused on their business and nothing else. That's why we've invested ridiculous amounts of time making site maintanance as simple and quick as possible. Now it's up to you to sell stuff and not waste time fighting software.

Easy maintanance

A bright future ahead of your store

Machina interface is so user-friendly you simply won't have to call us for support. Stop wasting money on anti-depressants for those dreadful meetings with sysadmins, managers and programmers and start clicking around and organizing your shop. Machina is a modern piece of software, configured to your needs, and you won't find any useless modules and functions in it. You and your colleagues won't get lost in unknown parts of the administration module, and less misguided clicks will follow.


A little paranoia never hurts

One of the biggest hurdles ahead of online shopping is customer mistrust in electronic payments. That's why from day one Machina was built to be secure. We'll also consult you in selecting your system software and help you with your security policies so you can keep those hackers away.


Made to measure

Unlike most open-source products, which are developed by people and companies way beyond your reach, Machina is made by us, the people of Cog. This means you'll have direct contact with the creators. This, in turn, means that your Machina can do almost anything you want.

Standardized code

Optimize, optimize, optimize

The HTML/CSS code and architecture of Machina are up to date with the web-app industry trends and standards. That means your site will look and act well on an iPhone, desktop PC, tablet and any other modern device. And since we adhere to Google and Facebook recommendations, your content will look be easy to find and share.

Machina Shop functionalities

Newsstand Kiosk Supermarket Department store
Product catalog Product catalog No limits to number of products, categories or brands Yes Yes Yes Yes
Search engine and social network optimization Search engine and social network optimization Google and Facebook - friendly source code, human-readable page addresses Yes Yes Yes Yes
Payment on delivery Payment on delivery The classic way to pay for users who don't like credit cards Yes Yes Yes Yes
Traffic analysis Traffic analysis Every site comes with Google Analytics module pre-installed Yes Yes Yes Yes
Customizable dashboard Customizable dashboard Main screen with personalized shortcuts and site usage data Yes Yes Yes Yes
Email newsletter Email newsletter Sent to all registered users who have opted in Yes Yes Yes
Banners and promotions Banners and promotions You can organize your product marketing any way you want Yes Yes Yes
Banners and promotions Vouchers and discount codes A reward for loyal customers and no-brainer gift option Yes Yes
User profiles and access levels User profiles and access levels Registered users gain access to order status and history, address book, etc. Yes Yes
Credit card payments Credit card payments We use the secure PayPal module, which reads most types of cards Yes Yes
ERP integration ERP integration We support the universal CSV and XML file formats Yes
Advanced commercial functions Advanced commercial functions Personalized reports, order analysys, wholesale prices, etc.
Price per license In EUR, no frontend design and development included 299 699 1399 2499

Online shops powered by Machina

Tako Foods

Tako Foods

Bulgarian online store for Asian cuisine ingredients, divided in two main categories - Japanese and Thai kitchen. Wholesale option. Streamlined shopping experience.



Vast online store for Indian books, available for purchase worldwide. Lots of custom functionality, including gift vouchers, membership cards, discount rules, etc.



To all the wine and spirit lovers out there. On top of all the standard options in every Machina, a custom ERP-integration module was developed, which updates products, catagories, in-stock quantities, and dispatches orders. Additionally, a precise calculator for shipping costs was added, plus several payment methods.

Sport Delivery

Sport Delivery

One of the best Bulgarian online stores with a vast variety of sport goods. The administration module of Machina was tailored to suit every client's requirement.



An online shop for quality cosmetics featuring organic brands from around the world. Machina facilitates the quick and easy updating of products, manufacturers, discounts, etc. A lot of attention has been given to the social networks integration.

Grand Foods

Grand Foods

An online shop for the lovers of Italian cuisine. The administration module makes it easy to manage different volumes, packages and tastes, as well as related products.



Offical online store of Nutrim, a Bulgarian sports and health food supplement producer. We've developed a special table of ingrendients and RDA module to complement each product description.



An online store with lots to offer to skate and snowboard fans. The site features not only cool design but also a friendly and versatile Machina, which empowers site administrators.

Square Texture

Square Texture

An online imagebank featuring many high-quality seamless textures, suitable for use in architecture and other CG projects. The site uses PayPal online payment module and downloadable instead of material goods.


Exlibis Publishing

Nice and simple online catalogue of all the titles, which the house published. Users can read details about the books, comment and rate them, and order effortlessly. Bulgarian-only.

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